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Results After 9-12 Treatments

The Official Test Results


(Reviewed on FaceBook)

I've gone to see Lee Romero at Abq Lipo Light 6 times and I couldn't be happier with my results. I've never been a very large person but I was "lumpy" for a lack of a better term. I own my own business and work about 60 hours a week and don't get to work out as often as I would like so toning up has always been tough for me. I'm getting married next year and wanted to start sculpting my body for my big day. I was skeptical at first but I decided to just give it a shot and I'm SO happy I did. I haven't changed anything from my daily routine and my results are amazing! I definitely recommend this to everyone I meet.Lee is the best at what she does. Very professional, walks you threw everything she's doing and explains everything perfectly. — with Lee Romero at ABQ Lipo Light.

- Emma

I just want to share the great results I've achieved at Abq Lipo Light. I lost 13 inches off my abdomen, waist and hip area.  The treatment is so simple and pain free.  Lee and Judy are artists in placing the 16 paddles used to shape me back to the beautiful hour glass shape my husband swoons over.  13 INCHES LOST.

Let me just say, run don't walk to make your appointment today. You have nothing to lose. I love Abq Lipo Light.

- Vickie

(Reviewed on FaceBook)

I have done 5 treatment with Lee and I have lost a total of 7 inches. She professional and the venue is excellent so relaxing.

- Linda

I first decided to try Lipo-Light a few weeks prior to a big event that I had to wear a swim suit for. I was not looking for a dramatic weight loss, but rather looking to lose a few inches around a trouble spot near my hips and tighten these areas up. Like many women, I had been working tirelessly to shed these inches through vigorous exercise and dieting; however my frustrations continued as the date to my event grew closer.

ABQ Lipo-Light was my answer for dropping those last few stubborn pounds and inches! Within 3 sessions I began to see dramatic results in my troubled spots! Not only were the early results extremely satisfying, but my overall experience at the ABQ Lipo Light location was relaxing, easy, and a time for me to unwind! The final results after 9 sessions were unbelievable! I was beyond excited to see that my swimsuit no longer dug in to these troubled spots! Thank you ABQ Lipo-Light for helping me feel and look my best!

- Gabrielle

Treatment Schedule

•  Course of 4, 8, 10, 12, or 16 sessions.

•  BMI over 30 requires 12-16 sessions.

•  Treatment every other day.

•  Treatment time 20 minutes.

•  Additional 10 minutes on whole body

   vibration platform to facilitate fat

   removal through lymphatic system.

•  Advise only one treatment area at any

    one time.

•  Once one course finished, a second can

    be started right away.

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